Where are they now? FDA Graduates

Antonio Ortiz
Zoe Zirlin

Antonio Ortiz and Zoe Zirlin are past social media interns of the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement. They both graduated in 2020 and have gone on to start successful careers.

Who is Antonio Ortiz?

Antonio Ortiz was a content creator for the FDA's social media accounts where he worked for just over two years. He says that this position "allowed [him] to exponentially grow [his] abilities in graphic design, marketing strategy, branding, writing, leadership and more." He also says that he is most proud of his creation of the style guide which is still used by the FDA interns to create visually appealing and consistent graphics for social media. Antonio stayed in the field of social media after graduation and has been a Social Media Specialist at OMG National since 2021. There, he manages and creates social media campaigns for over 160 businesses in both the United States and Canada. He also continues to create content for these social media campaigns. His LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/-antonioortiz/.

Who is Zoe Zirlin?

Zoe Zirlin got her Bachelor's from Florida State in Advertising, however, while she was interning with the office of Faculty Development and Advancement, she realized her interest in data analytics. The Data Analysis Intern position was created for her and she became the first intern to conduct analyses of the FDA's social media accounts. She says that her time with the FDA "enriched every facet of her education, motivating her to become involved in undergraduate research and pursue further education." After graduating from FSU, she went on to earn a Master's in Marketing Research from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business in 2021. Now, she works as Associate Ad Measurement Lead at Roku in Chicago, Illinois. Her LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/zoezirlin/.