Nathan Stoltzfus, Ph.D. on the Rosenstrasse Protest

Nathan Stoltzfus

Nathan Stoltzfus co-authored "After 80 years: Why we commemorate the Rosenstrasse protest" published by the Rosenstrasse Foundation, of which Stoltzfus is the head, in The Jerusalem Post. This article highlights the bravery of hundreds of non-Jewish women who risked their lives to free their Jewish husbands from a makeshift Gestapo on Rosenstrasse (Rosenstraße), a street in Berlin. These men were being held temporarily while awaiting departure to Auschwitz labor camps. Their wives protested along Rosenstrasse and, instead of heeding warnings to "clear the streets or be shot," held their ground saying "We want our husbands back." Within a week, due to concerns of larger protests, Hitler permitted Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, to release the women's husbands. Stoltzfus says it's important to commemorate the bravery of these women who saved the lives of almost 2,000 Jewish men by risking their own because their heroism serves as a reminder that "Ultimate sovereignty resides with the people, not the politicians who govern them."



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