Meet the Blogger

Zoe Dupler

My name is Zoe Dupler and I'm a social media intern for the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement. I'm a junior majoring in psychology and international affairs as well as working toward my TESOL certificate to teach English abroad after I graduate.

I've been interning for the FDA since August 2022. In December, I decided I wanted to revive this blog that past interns had started but no longer used. The motivation for me to start the blog again is to further promote the achievements of FSU faculty but in a way that also challenged me. I have never written in a blog format before, only essays and research papers. I have also never had an audience for my writing other than my professors or occasionally my peers. With this new audience in mind, I wanted to give a student's perspective on the work that they do since the faculty briefs are submitted by the faculty members themselves. More specifically, I've been writing summaries of faculty publications and faculty spotlight posts. The difference between the two is that the faculty publication posts are specific to one publication from a faculty member(s) while the spotlights are designated for any and all achievements by one faculty member. (To sort by these two kinds of posts, you can click between the tabs on the 'News' link in the top left corner of the site.) The summaries are meant to make the publications more digestible and easier to understand so that more people can learn about the work that is being done by our faculty. The spotlights each highlight outstanding faculty that have earned multiple achievements throughout their career. Both kinds of posts are aimed at supporting and promoting the work of our excellent faculty.

I hope you enjoy the blog posts and encourage your colleagues to read them as well!